Call for Artists

We encourage you, wherever you may be in your artistic journey, to express freely and openly or personally and silently. The healing power of expressive art is massive.

 I have a Question When you look up in the sky on a sunny day and watch the clouds pass, what do you see? A fluffy white cloud or perhaps a passed loved one or a teddy bear? we all can say I can't even Draw a stick man or a straight line. just remember the imagination you used to look into the clouds could be the inspiration we all need.

Would you like to grow as part of our gallery?

If you are ready to put your work out in the world for sale, Red Ruby Art Gallery is a great place to start.

Our prerequisite is what you make must be original art created by you. 

Unless disclosed that it is upcycled or used art pieces. 

Red Ruby Art Gallery is a consignment gallery, and we take a portion of sales that is an agreed percentage.  

Contact us for more information or to get started.

Please send information of what medium art you have that you are interested in exhibiting at the gallery.